Scottish Capital Market and the Tale “Sleeping Beauty”?

One of reasons to choose the Scottish Capital Market when you make your investment plans is that, maybe, it is underestimated. When a market or financial instrument is underestimated they usually hide a potential for future gains.

Some of you still remember the golden age of the Scottish Stock Exchange and the triumph of Scottish publicly traded companies.

On January 2, 1964 the Scottish Stock Exchange commenced trading as a result of a merger of the four main Stock Exchanges in Scotland. The Edinburgh Stock Exchange, Glasgow Stock Exchange, Dundee Stock Exchange, and Aberdeen Stock Exchange joined forces and integrated the Scottish capital market.

The administrative centre of the Scottish capital market became Glasgow. The aforementioned trading floors remain as native branches until 1971, when local exchanges have been closed formally.

Although the bright performance of the Scottish Stock Exchange natural processes and developments of many capital markets on a world scale in those days changed the Scottish capital market too. The Scottish Stock Exchange merged into the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 1973 in unison with the world markets’ globalisation and trending acquisitions of small stock exchanges.

Today, as a result of all above developments, there is no a Scottish Stock Exchange. Remained only the attractiveness of the Scottish capital market and listed on the LSE Scottish companies.

With no formal administrative centre and policies for its promotion, the Scotland’s capital market may be just neglected, overlooked and underestimated.

As it happened in the tale “Sleeping Beauty”, only a kiss from a prince, may be able to awake the sleeping for 100 years Princess, where the prince would be a prescient investor who made a research on Scottish publicly traded companies.

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