Goals Soccer Centres Plc (LON:GOAL) Stock Swirls at Its 5 Years Low

ScottishStocks - Goals Soccer Centres Plc (LON:GOAL)While company’s directors are implementing their retirement plans the share price of Goals Soccer Centres Plc (LON:GOAL) stock pulls back to its low levels form 2011.

Seems that the new 5-year strategic plan and the board restructuring should almost make a miracle in order to support higher investors’ appreciation in company’s stock.

Today, the share price of Goals Soccer Centres rolled down boldly with not an epic 2.30% to close at 106 GBX.

The strong downward move of GOAL has been precisely chiselled by investors after three consecutive sessions of almost frozen fluxes of the share price.

At first sight looks like there is nothing unusual in the share price performance but more deep analyses show that GOAL is in a windy spot. The 52-week trading range of Goals Soccer Centre’s stock varies between GBX 83.14 and 172.00. This fact could be a good reason to classify GOAL as an investment with a high volatility.

Another proof for this suggestion could be seen in the price chart here. On August 18, 2016 the stock of Goals Soccer Centres succeeded to rose with almost 10% within one day. Similar, long green candles can be seen on the price chart of GOAL from this June too.

All these details may only imply that investing in GOAL may require careful planning. The theory states that the most volatile stocks may bring quick and big gains but at the same time they bring a high risk for investors. As bigger the risk is the larger may be the loss on investment.

If we go beyond the charts it is good to tell more about the aforementioned retirement plans of company’s directors. Mr. Mark Jones, Chief Executive Officer, sold ordinary shares and purchased company’s stock through his SIPP last Friday. His spouse purchased GOAL too. Though the deal is a signal that shares of Goals Soccer Centres may have a brilliant future it is good to know that the share price varies within its 5 years low most recently and GOAL is a high volatile stock.

Goals Soccer Centres Plc is a registered in Scotland company with main objective to offer the best 5-a-side centres in the UK.

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Author: Ekaterina Zelenkova

Both, my economics background and over 12 years’ experience in the fields of finances, financial online journalism and management provide me with an exhaustive ground for passionate work in the fields like new markets development, financial content writing and analyses. Recently I’m dedicated to interpreting, translation services, web design, financial content writing and digital consultancy.

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