The content of this blog is devoted to the Scottish capital market and Scottish listed companies.

Here I want to present most recent news, to share views and to make some basic analyses about Scottish publicly traded companies. Hope that the delivered content will inspire you to make comments, share views and opinions.

Scottish Stocks is aimed at delivering of a fresh content, related to maybe underestimated Scottish capital market.  The blog is targeted at the acknowledgment of investors and the wide auditory with:

  • Recent trends and analyses of share prices movement of listed on the London Stock exchange companies and particularly those, traded on AIM
  • News and developments related to Scottish companies
  • Reviews of the capital market.

All aforementioned goals and tasks will be achieved and are implemented following the rule for presenting of independent information, not influenced by any company or institution.

The content on this website is impartial and presents personal opinion of authors herein and is not aimed to promote or anyhow to suggest, give opinion or to encourage activities related to the independence of Scotland.

My name is Ekaterina Zelenkova, Manager of GlasgowTranslate since November 2012. I earned my Master Economist degree from the ranked among the top economic schools of higher education in Poland – Wrocław University of Economics. Both, my economics background and over 10 years’ experience in the fields of finances, financial online journalism and management provide me with an exhaustive ground for passionate work in the fields like new markets development, financial content writing and analyses. Recently I’m dedicated to interpreting and translation services with Bulgarian, Polish and Russian languages too. Supplementary fields for my contributing to the online business are the web design and financial content writing.

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