FirstGroup plc (LON:FGP) Outperforms Stagecoach Group plc (LON:SGC), (OTCMKTS:SAGKF)

ScottishStocks-SGC_02092016The share of FirstGroup plc (LON:FGP) outperforms Stagecoach Group plc (LON:SGC), (OTCMKTS:SAGKF) although recent news and research reports with increased price targets for Stagecoach Group.

Today’s performance of SGC is influenced by two events which up to now are not able to rush the stock. Furthermore, ScottishStocks’s chart which goes beyond the classical PR approach of price targets, presents the healthier performance of FirstGroup’s stock not only during last trading session.

The Yorkshire Building Society being company’s Trustee announced today the purchase of ordinary shares on behalf of Stagecoach and the awarding matching shares to Stagecoach’s managers. This action is performed as a routine procedure following the approval of  groups’ Share Incentive Plan.

Earlier today, parallel to this occurrence have been the few releases done by financial online media that the price target of SGC has a potential to increase.

Following the aforementioned double news, the share price of Stagecoach soared with the modest 1.49% in a half the average for the company trading volume.

SGC is valued at GBX 224 today, being more than twice the share price of FirstGroup.

For some investors this fact may be a guide that Stagecoach is a stronger investment alternative being highly appreciated. Though, the comparison chart here may convince many investors that the stock of FirstGroup may be the winning choice.

As the chart here shows, the share price performance of FGP outperforms SGS since this February. The same conclusion can be done observing the performance of SAGKF presented with the orange line. SAGKF is the stock symbol of Stagecoach Group plc traded on the Over the Counter American market.

There is a huge gap between the blue line, presenting the share performance of FirstGroup’s stock and the candlesticks of SGC.

Another interesting extrapolation from the chart here is that these two investment alternatives follow the same trend over the time. Although this similarity it is clear that:

  • The share price of FirstGroup is advancing with much higher temps than this of Stagecoach Group
  • The lower price of FGP allows to acquire twice more shares with the same amount of the invested capital.



Stagecoach Group plc is founded in Perth international public transport company, with operations in the UK, mainland Europe, United States and Canada.



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Author: Ekaterina Zelenkova

Both, my economics background and over 12 years’ experience in the fields of finances, financial online journalism and management provide me with an exhaustive ground for passionate work in the fields like new markets development, financial content writing and analyses. Recently I’m dedicated to interpreting, translation services, web design, financial content writing and digital consultancy.

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